Octorara benefits from solar technology partnership

Octorara Area School District  |  Posted on

Octorara’s new solar field provides a work based learning experience in environmental technology.

Through a grant from the Dockstader Foundation and in-kind donations from Ollo Energy, Octorara Junior-Senior High School is using solar energy to run its Ecology Lab. The main focus of the Solar Project is to teach students to be ambassadors of environmental change and to support their environment. Students will study solar energy as part of a larger overview of renewable energy sources. Ollo Energy also donated a Solar Battery to run the Ecology Lab in case of a power outage. This solar battery will automatically switch on if a power outage occurs and maintain the oxygen machines and heater that keep the fish in the aqua tanks alive.

The long term goals of Octorara’s Solar Project are: (1) To provide a hands on, work-based learning tool to students; (2) enhance students’ understanding of the function of solar energy captured through the Photovoltaic cells; (3) provide a monitoring platform for students to learn about output per panel and how the system offsets energy on both sunny and cloudy days; (4) create awareness of a renewable energy technology and encourage students to explore additional renewable energy options. Teaching students about the environmental benefits of solar energy through hands-on experiences like the district’s miniature solar field may encourage them to pursue careers in environmental science, agriculture, or renewable technologies.

Octorara is grateful to the many partners like the Dockstader Foundation and Ollo Energy who continue to enhance the district’s 11 in house career and technical education programs with real world training opportunities.