NHS continues tutoring through pandemic

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National Honor Society students continued their tutoring program throughout the pandemic using virtual learning.

Student tutoring has been an important program for Springdale Jr.-Sr. High School’s National Honor Society (NHS). Even through remote learning, Allegheny Valley students continued to support each other. Students met virtually over Google Classroom, usually after school from 2:30-3:00 p.m. to work on math problems, review for a test, play Kahoot for practice or share presentations with their high school tutor.

Students who want help request a high school tutor and are paired with a National Honor Society (NHS) student who is able to help them in their specific subject areas. A parent or teacher can also inquire about setting up tutoring for a student. Students are able to follow up with the tutor on homework, or have the tutor review their classwork or class projects.
NHS has been offering tutoring services for many years. Traditionally, the tutor would work with his/her student after school with a designated teacher in various classrooms. Arrangements were then made for the teams to meet after school each week, but the pandemic put the glitch in these arrangements. NHS worked to find a solution and came up with a plan to offer the tutoring virtually. The Honor Society tutors enjoy working with the other students; while those who need assistance liked asking questions and talking with someone in their peer group.
“I think the tutoring program is a great opportunity for students to work together, whether it be working in-person or virtually,” commented NHS sponsor Andrea Sadowski. “It teaches all involved responsibility to keep up with their work and keep their tutoring appointments. Setting a schedule to meet weekly also enforces time management.” Not surprisingly, the tutors who diligently work each week helping others after school are also the students balancing other commitments such as sports, clubs, activities, jobs and home responsibilities. 
The program continues to move forward, creating more opportunities for virtual tutoring sessions for students at both Acmetonia Elementary and Springdale Jr.-Sr. High. “I am very grateful to work with our NHS students,” said Sadowski. “It makes me smile to see younger students excited to work with their high school tutor. Our student tutors are mentors and role models to all students. They are setting examples for them, letting them know their work is worth the effort.”