Motorized mini trike project

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Berlin Tech-Ed (B-Tech) Crew. Emily Bear from Somerset Rural Electric (far left) is handing the class a check. From left to right: Andrew Chonko (Junior), Nick Alvares (Junior), Noah Gilmore (Senior), Jacob Knopsnyder (Junior), Jackson Will (Senior), Caleb Stoltzfus (Junior), Dan Miller (Advisor).

What started out as what seemed to be an unattainable dream soon turned into a reality. Class advisor, Dan Miller, first introduced the idea to build motorized mini trikes in September 2023, and the class was thrilled. They began working together to find parts and any necessary material needed to build these trikes, then came up with an itemized list of parts and an overall cost for each trike. They presented their project to potential sponsors at Tail Gatez in Somerset, PA.

Apart from learning very useful hands-on skills such as welding that can be applied towards future endeavors, students are also learning the importance of working together to come up with ideas and then actually bring these ideas to life. Teamwork is an important skill that is used daily in almost every career.

This group of students is focused on applying current technology applications to real-life problems and situations. Students plan to finish these trikes by May in order to debut them at Jennerstown Speedway on military appreciation night.

These students would like to give a special thank-you to all of their sponsors and supporters that made this project possible. They greatly appreciate all the support and this project wouldn’t be possible without that support.