Math is delicious!

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Math is delicious and fun!

Math can be delicious – just ask a fourth grade student from Meyersdale Area Elementary School!

Thanks to the generosity of Delgrosso Foods, students not only learned how to accurately plan and prepare a meal for a large group, they learned that math is truly a skill you use each and every day in all aspects of life.

Using the story Spaghetti and Meatballs for All as their guide, students planned a fun and delicious day. Students started their day with a fun math activity finding the area and perimeter of different seating arrangements for a big family reunion dinner. Then they figured out how much food to prepare for their “big dinner.” Following some careful planning, students were able to enjoy the fruits of their labor and enjoyed a meal together.

Thank you to DelGrosso’s for providing an experience and meal they will not soon forget!