Life Skills students open school store

South Middleton School District  |  Posted on

Life Skills students at Boiling Springs High School are gaining hands-on vocational skills in the new Zone’SMart, a retail space at the school that operates out of a converted classroom. According to an article in the Sentinel, 10 students form the core of a volunteer workforce that puts in shifts learning workforce skills such as operating the cash register, stocking shelves, pricing merchandise and tracking inventory.

Special education teacher Deb Mowe thought of the idea last spring and crowdfunded the project through and a grant from the Bubbler Foundation.To start, the inventory includes items handmade by the students, such as key chains, flowerpots and tie dye face masks. Bottled water, friendship bracelets, stickers, mini hand sanitizers, personal care items, iPhone chargers and ear buds are other items for sale. Eventually, the students will learn to make a sell muffins and cupcakes in the small kitchen.