Juniata Valley enhances mental health supports for students

Juniata Valley School District  |  Posted on

After a school year filled with transition and challenges, Juniata Valley School District is providing another resources to foster wellness in the student body. In February 2021 the district launched its Community School Based Behavioral Health Program (CSBBH) operated through collaboration with CenClear Child Services. As part of the program, three mental health professionals visit the elementary school to check in with students who are in need of help and to provide them with counseling and related supports. According to an article in Huntington Daily News, the district has seen a very positive response from both students and parents.

In the article, district social worker Stephanie Galloway-Maslanik, LCSW, noted the variety of student needs that are met, “Student needs for the day could be as simple as a very quick check-in at the beginning and end of the day, but it could also be a more specific intervention in how to have effective coping skills, expressive skills or social interactions, like helping with friendship development and relationships. So, it really is individualized to each kid who is on the case load, and what they need.”

After such a positive response to the program, the district is discussing possible expansion in the future.