Haverford High School creates Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

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HHS athletes visit the middle school to promote sports and activities to rising freshman.

The Haverford High School (HHS) Student-Athlete Advisory Committee was developed in collaboration with the athletic department, administration, and staff advisors as a collective voice of student-athletes that work to enhance the athletic experience for all athletes at our school and in our community. Each team has a senior and junior representative that reflects the values we hope to promote through Haverford athletics, including leadership, integrity, effort, equity, respect and service.

The student-athlete advisory committee will be used to promote effective communication between students and school leadership and provide valuable feedback to the athletic department. Group meetings will include leadership training and discussion, community service, college and career readiness, and increased student advocacy for positive behavior and positive relationships. They will be promoting school pride and reaching out to our youth athletes at Haverford Middle School and throughout the community.