Gill Hall Elementary second graders create Living Wax Museum

West Jefferson Hills School District  |  Posted on

Second graders at Gill Hall Elementary School have been learning about biographies and autobiographies in Reading Class. To reinforce their reading skills, Mrs. Gardiner and Mrs. Palmer engaged the students with a special Wax Museum reading project.

Each student chose a famous historical figure to read about and research. The students then created a flip book that contained facts, artwork and a mini-report about the book they read. As a culminating activity, students dressed up as their historical figure complete with coordinating props and staged a real-life Wax Museum.

The entire school had the opportunity to visit the Living Wax Museum to push those “buttons” and bring the historical figures to life. As soon as their buttons were pressed, the Wax Museum characters began to speak about their life and important facts, so each student had the opportunity to learn from every wax museum exhibit. Kudos to Mrs. Gardiner, Mrs. Palmer and all of the second graders for their outstanding work and creativity!