Free compliments at Corry Area Intermediate School

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Kindness Matters

One of the homerooms at Corry Area Intermediate School took National Compliment Day, January 24, to the next level. Mrs. Royo wanted to provide students and staff with a simple, yet effective, way to send positive messages. The idea of a tear-off flyer came to mind. The flyer’s top portion directs people to select a compliment from the bottom, tear the slip off, and then give it to another person. The goal is to encourage positive interactions and enhance the school climate at Corry Area Intermediate School.

On January 24th, Mrs. Royo’s homeroom prepared and hung flyers offering free compliments throughout the school building. As the day wore on, her homeroom students came to her expressing surprise and delight in the fact that others had been taking and passing along the compliments.

Due to the overwhelming interest, her homeroom students decided to continue the project and now spend time preparing flyers each morning.

Mrs. Swank, the Principal at Corry Area Intermediate School, has definitely noticed the positive effects of these compliments. Some of the compliments include; “You make a difference to me.” And “You inspire me to be better.” She sees students handing these compliments to the cafeteria staff, the school nurse, the secretaries, other students, etc.

According to the district, this has been a great way to brighten up the entire building.