Day of Service benefits school and community

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Lynn Miller’s second period Spanish class helped clean up the campus. From left to right: Jasmine Rusiski, Amari Hensen, Jake Manson, Esheza Okponobi, Dante Rossetti, James Halyama, Sean Hauserman, Dominick Martucci, Bailey Hock

Seneca Valley Intermediate High School students recently learned that one day of service can make a lasting impact. Seneca Valley Intermediate High School (IHS) designated Wednesday, May 12, as a “Day of Service.” Leading up to that day, students and classes were invited to participate in projects that gave back to the school and community or in lessons that supported the significance of service to others.

“With a year that has been filled with ups and downs, we wanted our students to feel the value of giving a small amount of their time to help others,” stated Seneca Valley Intermediate High School special education teacher Katie Wolford.

The IHS “Day of Service” focused on collecting donations for the Global Links Personal Care Kits Project, a medical relief and development organization dedicated to supporting health improvement initiatives in resource-poor communities. Student leaders visited classrooms to share the meaning behind the personal care kits and the mission of Global Links, as well as encourage donations and participation in the Day of Service. Over a two-week period and along with help from the girls’ soccer team, Ryan Gloyer Middle School (RGMS) Chorus and RGMS Spanish 1, thousands of personal care items and over $500 were donated to the cause. On May 12, IHS students packaged the donations that resulted in 225 personal care kits! The kits will be delivered to Global Links and distributed throughout Western Pennsylvania. Hundreds of additional items were donated to The Hygiene Helpers Program, started this year by Seneca Valley Senior High School special education job coach Michelle Eppinger.

In addition to the development of the personal care kits, students at the IHS also made thank-you cards and bags for bus drivers, counselors, custodians, teachers, nurses, school support staff and veterans; held a campus clean-up walk; made “Give Back” bracelets; collected canned goods for community food banks; made motivation bags for students during Keystone Exams; and donated money to Oceana. Chorus members in grades 7-12 filmed “Stand Together” on the football field to celebrate the day.

“Our hope is to make the ‘Day of Service’ an annual event with the hopes of including new district buildings each year,” exclaimed Ms. Wolford.