Create-a-Cook camp trains students in culinary arts

Souderton Area School District  |  Posted on

Chef Maria Crann with students

Some students in grades 2-4 in the Souderton Area School District are learning the finer points of spicing food, using a kitchen knife safely and following recipes at Create-a-Cook Camp. Professional chefs Jarrett Young and Maria Crann are running the camp, and a similar one at Central Montco Technical High School to give students a chance to learn basic culinary knowledge as well as practice their social skills and creativity during the summer months. The Souderton program is part of the district’s Summer Workshops program.

In an article in The Reporter Crann said students can benefit from this kind of education in many ways: “Cooking, learning their way around the kitchen — they’re valuable life skills, but they also let the kids express themselves creatively. A recipe is a guide, so they might look at it and think ‘maybe this spice will work’ or ‘maybe I can add this or that as a flavoring.’ So, as they gain confidence, they’re able to expand on a recipe … experiment with it. And that’s great to see. Another thing, they may start out not knowing anyone, but by the end of the week, they’ve worked together and made new friends.”