College Prep program helps open doors

Conewago Valley School District  |  Posted on

Minerva Medina, who teaches English as a second language at the district, is helping a group of Conewago Valley students access a weekly College Prep Program taking place after school, where local nonprofit Casa de la Cultura, Gettysburg College and the Migrant Program through Intermediate Unit 5 have come together for a great cause. These organizations are offering the program at a local high school to prepare students in grades 10-12 for college. Each session is dedicated to a part in the journey of applying for colleges, researching colleges, visiting colleges, FAFSA, scholarships, etc. Adams County nonprofit Collaboration for Youth is covering transportation costs for participating Conewago Valley students, and district staff will transport them.

Medina says there are currently eight bilingual students, first or second-generation, who are seeking a college education and interested in the program. She says the program has the potential to make a huge difference in the lives of these students who may lack the resources and access to college opportunities like these.