Coding with Harry Potter

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Mr. Smith at Yough Intermediate Middle School incorporates various Computer Science principles into the curriculum of his grade 6-8 Computer Education classes. The students spend time learning various aspects of computer programming. They start off learning basic concepts such as building algorithms, sequencing, loops and conditional statements. When students reach eighth grade, they start to transition from block-based coding into learning the Python programming language. This transition helps spark an interest in the coding courses that are offered at the high school and gives them a real-world coding experience.

Smith uses Tello Drone and Kano Harry Potter Coding wands to create hands-on lessons which bring the STEAM lessons to life and keep the students more engaged. What could be more fun than flying a drone around the band room or using coding for magic?

The Harry Potter coding wands provide the students with a fun and engaging coding experience. The included application takes the students on a tour of the Harry Potter Wizarding World. The students complete various coding challenges along the way. The challenges require the students to code different types of spells. The magic wand is used to perform the spells to change the color of creatures and complete other fun challenges. The wands add a kinesthetic aspect to the lesson that the students find enjoyable.

The use of drones in educational activities is a way to show students examples of how STEM concepts can be used in the real world. Drones can hold the students’ attention and engage them in a fun hands-on activity. The students are required to program the drones to perform certain tricks, flight patterns, and avoid obstacles. The challenges help to reinforce the concepts of sequencing, loops, and conditional statements. These engaging educational lessons allow students to better master and utilize their newly learned skills.