Bucks IU Introduces Adult Programs and Services

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First Program – Adult Employment Services

The Bucks County Intermediate Unit (Bucks IU) is proud to announce a new suite of services for individuals with disabilities over the age of 21. These Adult Programs and Services form a natural extension to the Bucks IU’s existing, high-quality services for children with disabilities from birth through age 21. Person-centered and growth-oriented, these Adult Programs and Services offer an exceptional opportunity for this more mature population as they transition to adulthood. Many may find an extra level of comfort working with the Bucks IU, having previously received services from them.

Dr. Mark Hoffman, Bucks IU executive director, stated, “It is with great pride that the Bucks IU continues to expand and now be able to serve adults with disabilities. I am confident that these new Adult Programs and Services will fill a great need in our local community, based in our rich history of serving others with innovative programming.”

New – Adult Employment Services

The Bucks IU’s Adult Employment Services provide individuals with the ability to meet the goal of obtaining and sustaining competitive, integrated employment. Provided by the Bucks IU’s knowledgeable, qualified, and highly experienced staff, these new Adult Employment Services offer a variety of supports tailored to each individual’s unique needs. These services features job skills training, access to our established partnerships with a wide variety of community businesses located throughout Bucks County, and job search and development supports. Provided as an itinerant service, these Adult Employment Services also offer:
• Career Assessment: Service used to identify career options based on the skills and interest of the participant
• Job Finding or Development: Variety of activities and services to match the participant with a potential employer
• Job Coaching and Support: Training the participant on specific job assignments and providing periodic or ongoing support as needed
Persons with disabilities, aged 21 and older, may be eligible for these new Adult Programs and Services from the Bucks IU. The Bucks IU’s Adult Programs and Services are offered in accordance with the Office of Development Programs (ODP).