Architecture program helps students build a future

The School District of Philadelphia  |  Posted on

A new program that pairs West Philadelphia High School students with University of Pennsylvania graduate students is helping the high schoolers build skills and discover an interest in design and architecture. Design to Thrive is the latest in a longstanding partnership between the high school and Penn, according to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Under the direction of graduate students in C, landscape, and urban planning, the high schoolers created an outdoor recreational space for the school. The new area contains benches, spruced-up picnic tables, a stage or porch, and an art installation — all constructed by the students.

One goal of the project is to increase the number of students of color who choose careers in architecture and design, fields where they are underrepresented. It’s also a way for the students to learn skills needed to build and design structures and spaces. While working, the students discussed job opportunities and the pathways to reach them, such as college or trade school. They also were paid for their labors — the students earned up to $1,500 for their six weeks of work.