Anchor restoration project underway at Admiral Peary

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APVT students are working on an anchor restoration project

The Admiral Peary Area Vocational Technical School (APVT) building was constructed in 1972. The school’s most significant symbolic feature is the Admiral Peary Anchor, with 11-foot-by-9-foot flukes, 30,000 pounds; with shackle chain and 3-inch die lock, 81,000 pounds. The anchor has never been restored since being placed in front of the APVTS building. Our school decided to make some contacts and research what it would take to do a restoration project. APVT Executive Director Andrew Paronish spoke to Mr. Caughey, Naval History and Heritage Command representative. Gaining approval for the project was the first objective, but the plan overall was to provide a historical site for the community to visit while honoring military veterans. After months of reaching out to the Navy, the school gained approval to restore the anchor. Presently, students at APVT are working together to restore the anchor: our masonry class is constructing a pillar podium for the historical information to be preserved, our Electrical Technology program of study is planning a lighting upgrade, and a group of veterans is going to redo the concrete anchor base with a stamped design/concrete. A Memorial Day celebration is planned for Memorial Day weekend to honor veterans.