Altoona Area High School students host 10th Annual Chemistry Symposium

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Students complete the Chemistry Symposium scavenger hunt assignment.

The Altoona Area High School Physical Science, General Chemistry, Academic Chemistry, as well as Forensic Chemistry Crime Scene Investigations students hosted the 10th Annual Science Symposium on Wednesday, January 8 in the AAHS Library. The Symposium featured atoms, elements and the Periodic Table.

The Symposium involved approximately 300 Altoona Area High School 10th grade students and was open to the entire student body, faculty and administration. During the symposium, students were available to discuss their work with any interested parties and answer any questions posed.

In preparation for the symposium, each student built a model of an atom using various mediums. Expanding on this knowledge, the students then worked in teams within their class to research and make connections between their individual atoms and a particular family of elements, creating displays that depict their research. Finally, students chose a squad comprised of students across different classes to design a hands-on activity, game, periodical or video game that teaches the Periodic Table. The project culminated with the symposium where students had the experience of participating in a “real world” science convention.

Visitors of the Symposium had the opportunity to vote on their favorite project and students were given a scavenger hunt assignment, requiring them to locate and answer questions specific to the periodic table, atoms and elements.
This project is sponsored by the AASD Foundation through the Venture Grants for Teachers program.