Aevidum Club encourages mental health

Oley Valley School District  |  Posted on

If you’ve visited the middle school recently, you may have noticed the colorful handprints across the main entrance hallway. These were strung and hung up by members and advisors from the Oley Valley Middle School (OVMS) Aevidum Club. Each middle school student traced their handprint and wrote on each finger positive qualities that they see in themselves. The handprint is a symbol for Aevidum and represents the program’s slogan, “I’ve got your back!” Aevidum is a club and national program developed in nearby Lancaster County by students who wanted to bring awareness to mental health as well as challenge students to find their strengths. Through Aevidum at OVMS, the district continues to promote that message and encourage all students to help create a culture of positivity, demonstrating support for one another and lifting each other up!