A New Sensory Path at Farmdale Elementary School

Hempfield School District  |  Posted on

Last school year Allison DeArment, school counselor, and Sara Bair, instructional support team member, applied for a grant from The Hempfield Foundation to purchase a sensory path for their building, Farmdale Elementary School. They were awarded $1,500 from The Hempfield Foundation but unfortunately the installation was delayed because of the necessary floor preparation and school closure. The good news is that the sensory path has now been installed just in time for the 2020-21 school year!

“We are so excited to begin using the sensory pathway with students” said Allison DeArment. “The sensory pathway will provide an educational, creative, and fun way for students to exert energy and calm their bodies in order to return to their classrooms more focused and prepared for learning.”

Students can use the path individually on an as needed basis or as an entire classroom. The pathway that was chosen because it features a solar system theme and includes literacy and numerical concepts, as well as a nature themed pathway requiring students to hop, skip, jump, and touch their way through the solar system.

“We believe that this pathway will function as a ‘brain-break’ and help students to further develop their gross and fine motor skills, special development, and hand-eye coordination. As a result of these exercises, students will return to their classrooms better prepared to focus and learn,” explains DeArment.