Students SAIL their way to learning

Erie City School District  |  Posted on

The Student Acceleration through Instruction and Learning or S.A.I.L. program at Erie School District is designed to provide elementary and middle school students in the district with free, direct academic support/acceleration, opportunities for social emotional learning, and engagement in art, music, and physical wellness. It’s also an opportunity to bring students back together to learn and practice skills, face to face. Learning sessions were held at all elementary and middle schools in full-day and half-day sessions. Virtual tutoring also were offered for elementary students.

At Pfeifer-Burleigh Elementary School, a recent session focused on teaching leadership skills among the students. Fifth graders were given the opportunity to lead teams of third and fourth graders. In an upcoming session, students will be learning to fish at Presque Isle State Park.

In an article on, Melanie Miller, supervisor of elementary content for Pfeiffer-Burleigh Elementary School said of the program, “we just wanted some face to face time with our children. Additionally we wanted an opportunity to build in some chances for accelerated learning because we know that there was some learning loss over the year as well.”