12 Days of Spirit aims for fun, theme-based activities

Bellefonte Area School District  |  Posted on

High school student dressed in red and green for the event’s first day

Leading up to winter break, student council at Bellefonte Area High School made sure the school community was geared up for the holiday season. That comes with “12 Days of Spirit” activities aimed for faculty, staff and students to participate each day with themed events.

Kicking off December 7 was red-and-green day followed by a variety of other unique ideas. Student Council member Julia Huntsinger said she thought a favorite would be on the 17th – Anything but a Backpack Day, which encouraged students to swap out their bookbags for something of similar size that served the same purpose. Other days included Snow-Out and Coal-Out, Jersey Day, Holiday Movie Day, Twin Day and more.

Student Council President Noah Aberegg said the group is excited to organize activities for the student body, despite pandemic restrictions.

“We’re working around challenges for sure, but making sure we’re still having fun,” he said. “Communication is key to make sure we’re communicating with advisers and administration to make sure everything is allowed to happen and we’re on the same page.”

Based on the turnout from the homecoming dance, Aberegg is expecting upcoming Student Council activities and events to have a similar buy-in.