Commonwealth Education Blueprint

The Great PA Schools campaign is a multiyear statewide effort to share the positive news about public education through advertising, web, social media, traditional media and word-of-mouth with the goal of furthering understanding of the value of public education in Pennsylvania. The Great PA Schools website provides the public with a holistic view of the commonwealth’s school districts, including the district’s demographics, financials, academic outcomes, school leadership profiles and success stories. Also, part of the overall picture of public education is the look ahead.

As the organizations and individuals that represent the many faces of public education considered how Pennsylvania will provide an equitable, exceptional public education that empowers all learners to achieve in a meaningful way, the importance of creating a uniform vision was realized. This vision became known as the Commonwealth Education Blueprint.

Members of school boards, district administration, business managers, solicitors, transportation officials, classroom teachers, principals, PTOs and PTAs, charter schools, business leaders, higher education entities, community organizations and other groups are involved in educating children met to establish this vision and ensure that each stakeholder was considered. The report includes identified obstacles school entities face in reaching the vision, as well as offers specific recommendations for school entities, legislators and others to work together toward the vision toward providing excellent public education.


We believe that public education in Pennsylvania should:

  • Promote collaboration and cooperation at all levels of education and among policymakers and stakeholders.
  • Recognize that learning occurs everywhere and learners progress by facing varying experiences and challenges, preparing them for their role as engaged, informed and effective citizens.
  • Embrace innovation in all areas of education.
  • Advocate for student learning environments that are physically and emotionally safe places where diversity of thought and respectful and vigorous debate of different perspectives is respected and encouraged.
  • Advocate for all public schools to have facilities that are safe, secure, flexible, sustainable and reflect current and future learning needs.
  • Strive for accountable leadership within schools, families and communities.
  • Advocate for maintaining local governance and decision-making in public education.


Strategic categories

To accomplish the vision set forth in the Blueprint, efforts are focused in these five strategic categories:

Educators will facilitate individualized learning experiences and foster growth for students that will prepare them to be independent, life-long learners who can communicate, collaborate and problem solve. Successful teaching and learning values individuality, demonstrates cultural understanding, and embraces diverse learning styles and life experiences to overcome achievement and opportunity gaps.

Staffing and facilities are essential resources that create positive learning environments that in which students thrive. Students need safe and functional learning spaces and delivery systems that empower them to achieve their highest potential. School staff and learning facilities must embrace innovation and be equipped to meet the needs of all learners.

Schools will engage families and communities to share resources and services so that all students and their families receive the academic and non-academic supports necessary to attain high-quality education in support of life-long learning.

Public education is a fundamental right and everyone in this commonwealth benefits from a universally supported public education. Education policy decisions must be student-centered and utilize multiple measures of data for promoting equitable opportunities for all students. As such, it is the responsibility of every citizen, resident, and policymaker to support the greater good of strong public education for all.

Schools will have the financial and other necessary resources to efficiently, effectively and equitably provide all students with an exceptional public education.

Read the full Commonwealth Education Blueprint Report.

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