Students shine at Academic Games

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Seneca Valley had 36 students from various grade levels compete against hundreds of other students from across the country in the Academic Games League of America (AGLOA) National Tournament, which took place in Atlanta, Georgia, April 20-22.

There are four divisions in the Academic Games, made up of Elementary (grade 6), Middle (grades 7-8), Junior (grades 9-10) and Senior (grades 11-12). Students compete in seven types of games: Equations, On-Sets, Linguishtik, Theme, Propaganda, Current Events and Presidents.

In the Elementary Division, Brennan Kaye was a second-place individual, Cam Swope, Georgia Bryer and Luke Sloan were fourth-place team members and Brooks Culley and Courtney Weinreich were sixth-place team members in Current Events. In Linguishtik, Emily Browne, Cam Swope, Brennan Kaye, Alexander Sbrolla and Brielle Polas were fourth-place team members. In Propaganda, Emily Browne was a fifth-place individual, and Alexander Sbrolla, Brennan Kaye, Cam Swope and Luke Sloan and Emily Browne were sixth-place team members. In Equations, Moorthy Maharajan, Cameron Schuster, Georgia Bryer, Alexander Sbrolla, Emily Browne, Jack Shifflet, Kate Takac and Brennan Kaye were seventh-place team members.

In the Middle Division Breanna Zimmerman and Jovan Kodic were fourth-place team members in Current Events.

Within the Junior Division, Arvand Esni was a second-place individual, Maddox Grupp was a second-place team member and Arvand Esni and Michael Kravec were sixth-place team members in Current Events. Michael Kravec, Eli Lippert and Maddox Grupp were third-place team members in Theme. In Propaganda, Maddox Grupp and Heath Lyon were third-place team members and Maddox Grupp was a seventh-place individual.

In the Senior Division, Megan Holby and Lihini Ranaweera were fourth-place team members and Megan Holby was a ninth-place individual in Theme. In Propaganda, Eric Chen was a third-place individual, Lihini Ranaweera was a sixth-place individual and Lydia Miller was a third-place individual and a first-place team member (National Champion).

Students who competed in the AGLOA National Tournament include Elliot Rumbaugh, Cameron Swope, Emily Browne, Joseph Dostilio, John Roy, Alexander Sbrolla, Katelyn Houk, Jack Shiflett, Luke Sloan, Courtney Weinreich, Brennan Kaye, Cameron Schuster, Brooks Culley, Georgia Bryer, Zachary Zezza, Moorthy Maharajan, Kathryn Takac, Brielle Polas, Alex Meeder, Jovan Kodic, Breanna Zimmerman, Ella Jacisin, Maya Maharajan, Kyla Biertempfel, Maddox Grupp, Michael Kravec, Rohin Jayaraman, Katie Mack, Lydia Miller, Lihini Ranaweera, Megan Holby, Cora Suereth, Eli Lippert, Arvand Esni, Heath Lyon and Eric Chen.

“We go to Nationals every year,” said Mr. Michael Stebbins, Seneca Valley Senior High School librarian and junior and high school divisions advisor. “We prepare and the students work hard, but we never know if that will translate into winning medals or trophies. It is a testament to the kids and the effort they put in just to make it to Nationals, and to win an award is a bonus. I’m so proud of all our students who competed, and I’m especially proud of Lydia Miller for being a member (and leading scorer) for the Senior Division Propaganda National Champion team!”