State troopers reward Mill Hall Elementary student

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State Troopers Reward Mill Hall Elementary student

Mill Hall Elementary student, Ayden George, had a special day that he will likely remember for years. Ayden is a second-grader who earned the opportunity to have lunch with two Pennsylvania State troopers as part of the school’s Schoolwide Positive Behavioral Supports and Interventions program. Ayden earned nearly 600 points in two months for following the Keystone Central School District (KCSD) school expectations: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Kind. He recently got to spend his points at the school’s new “WOWMart,” and he chose to spend 100 points on a coupon to have lunch with a teacher. Ayden asked if he could eat with a police officer instead, so his teacher, Ms. Amanda Packer, arranged a luncheon with Troopers McDermott and Eichenlaub from the Lamar Barracks. Ayden and the troopers enjoyed chatting and making lots of memories!