Project helps students stay connected to their teacher through the pandemic shutdown

Allegheny Valley School District  |  Posted on

First grade teacher Mrs. Taliana and her students participate in a new project during the pandemic shut down.

Allegheny Valley teachers continue to develop creative projects for students. Virtual education has allowed students to learn from home during the pandemic shut down, and schools across the country are tasked with keeping children engaged, active, and excited about learning. Teachers have to make that happen.

First grade students in Mrs. Taliana’s classroom started a project aligned with the chapter books “Flat Stanley.” A picture of “Flat Mrs. Taliana” was sent to the students, with an introduction letter and choice board. Students, then, go on their choice of adventures with “Flat Mrs. Taliana” and share pictures and videos of their adventures on SeeSaw. 

”I was [searching] to find a way to make remote learning fun and decided to reach out to other educators who…have their creations come to life. When I came across this Flat Stanley-Flat Teacher idea, it felt only right to give it a go so my students felt more connected to me and their classmates,” she explained.

Students had a way to feel safe and have fun with an artifact from their teacher by their side. Now on a daily basis, students share where they go and what they do with Flat Mrs. Taliana and send in photos or videos. “The most meaningful part of the picture or video I receive is seeing their smiles captured,” Taliana said. “That smile is what I was able to experience in the classroom and even though we’re miles apart, I can still experience their smiles with a “little me” by their sides.”