Positivity Prevails at Hempfield High

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Pictured L-R: Hempfield High School Principal, Mr. Jim Dague, Eric Hess, Trinity Gruber, Hannah Kirk, and Bella Rankin (not pictured is Celia Familia Baez)

In lieu of a senior Homecoming court, the Hempfield High School Student Council wanted to recognize the seniors who are going above and beyond to make Hempfield a positive, happy place. They wanted to celebrate their effort and character — categories that often go unnoticed. On Friday, October 16, 2020 the following senior students were awarded Hempfield’s first Positivity Prevails Award:
Celia Familia Baez
Trinity Gruber
Eric Hess
Hannah Kirk
Bella Rankin

This award was given to students in the senior class who exemplify what it means to be positive during these challenging times. These individuals are finding ways to be optimistic and uplifting even though our current environment makes it difficult to always see the good in each day. Students were asked to nominate a senior using a Google Form link and a brief description of why he/she deserves this award. In total, 57 students were recommended for this award! The winning students received gift cards to local restaurants.