Middle school students build amusement park with K’Nex

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Two sixth grade students part of Chris Triola’s math class show off part of the giant roller coaster they’ve helped create.

Sixth graders at James W. Parker Middle School in Mr. Chris Triola’s math class are engineering a giant, multi-colored roller coaster and creating an additional amusement park using K’Nex.

The students work in groups and each constructed a part of the roller coaster. They also each constructed their own rides, ranging from flying swings to Scrambler-type rides, a drop-tower and more.

The process of building began in January. Each group proposed their ideas and then started sketching the winning rides on paper. As they began building, the students quickly realized the process isn’t as simple as bringing to life what they drew on paper. They have to take into consideration cost effectiveness, safety and other issues, like building materials.

Students will then create videos of their ride and the entire amusement park will be on display at the Creative Arts Expo at Parker Middle School. The display will include the videos the students make of their rides as well.