Lutron Electronics aids SMS with coin counting machine project

Parkland School District  |  Posted on

As part of the Teacher in the Workplace Grant Program, Lutron Electronics recently teamed up with Springhouse Middle School (SMS) students to “build a better mousetrap,” per se, all the while exciting students about careers in technology and manufacturing.

The Teacher in the Workplace Program helps connect educators with local business leaders and employers, bridging the gap between the classroom and industry, via field trips to workplaces across the Lehigh Valley. Through this program, teachers, counselors, and administrators learn more about
industry trends, needs and opportunities – which supports and enhances college and career preparations in classrooms across Pennsylvania.

Following a visit to a Lutron lighting control manufacturing facility, Darren Dravuschak, an SMS technology education (tech ed) teacher, tapped into the engineering expertise of two Lutron employees regarding an idea he had to add the coin counting mechanism to the machine that was already part of his curriculum. He wanted to enhance the coin sorting machine project with the ability to calculate money dropped into the unit. Lutron engineers specified the materials and custom-designed the circuit board that powers the coin sorter, which the students then assemble on their own.

“We’re grateful for Lutron’s support to partner with us to bring this coin sorting machine project to life,” said Darren Dravuschak. “It’s thrilling to introduce these skills to the students and get them thinking about manufacturing and engineering career opportunities.” Students flow through the middle school technology education curriculum for six weeks during each year of attendance at Parkland in grades 6-8.