KCSD precision machining students engage in NASA training

Keystone Central School District  |  Posted on

Precision machining students Zoom meet with NASA team members.

Keystone Central precision machining students recently embarked on a unique and inspiring journey through a Zoom meeting with Dr. Flo Gold and other distinguished NASA team members. The focus of the session was quality control training, a pivotal step in their participation in the High School United with NASA to Create Hardware (HUNCH) program.

HUNCH has opened doors for aspiring students to contribute directly to NASA’s endeavors. This recent virtual meeting served as a crucial training ground for students who aspire to play a role in crafting components for space missions.

Following the session, students are now tasked with proving their newfound knowledge through a small exam. Success on the exam will grant them the opportunity to machine parts for NASA projects.

What sets this initiative apart is the real-world impact these students can make. Those who not only pass the exam but do so with 100% accuracy will receive their personal Quality Control (QC) stamp. Earning this stamp, they gain the responsibility to scrutinize and verify the precision of their peers’ machined parts. These components may find their way to Johnson Space Center in Huston, TX, a hub of NASA’s activities.

The HUNCH program extends its reach into 511 classrooms in 46 states participating in diverse field such as machining, design & prototyping, as well as culinary arts. This collective effort exemplifies the fusion of education and real-world application.