Historical Wax Museum a cross-curricular experience

North Star School District  |  Posted on

On Wednesday, May 19, seventh grade students at North Star Middle School participated in their first ever Historical Wax Museum. The purpose of this cross-curricular grade level project was for all students to identify, understand the accomplishments of, and relate to a notable world figure from the past or present. Students then created a product to showcase their knowledge of that figure. The seventh graders were encouraged to pick a figure in the field of a career path that they would like to follow.

Once their figure was selected, the students had to complete various steps to prepare for the big day. At first, they spent several days researching specific details of their figure’s life, the impact the figure had on the world, and how they are remembered today.

Next, students used that information to formulate a first-person point-of-view speech with Mrs. Blackner, seventh grade English language arts teacher. They spent time revising and peer-editing their speech. Students were able to practice their final speech many times before the big day!

Finally, students spent numerous days in Mr. Stanko’s World History class creating buttons for guests to press in order to hear the speeches, wrote notecards to assist with the presentations, and designed their products that were on display in the gymnasium. Many students truly became their historical figure!