Dual enrollment program gives students a head start on college

Muhlenberg School District  |  Posted on

Students at Muhlenberg High School and other districts are benefiting from Reading Area Community College’s (RACC) dual enrollment program, which allows students to take college-level courses for credit while still in high school. Students can explore career options and get a head start on their college education at a discounted rate. In some cases, there is no tuition charge for high school students participating in the dual enrollment program through the Foundation for RACC’s DE Scholarship Program.

In a recent article on BCTV.org Muhlenberg High School Principal Mike Mish talked about the benefits of the dual enrollment program: “It allows and affords many of our students to get a jumpstart on earning college credits. We have worked hard to provide students with as many opportunities as possible to continue to advance their education. Our partnership with RACC has been amazing. The faculty and staff at RACC have been such a wonderful resource to us at Muhlenberg and we look forward to many more years working together. We have the most students and courses being taken since our partnership with RACC has started.”

“The benefits of dual enrollment are essentially college credits at a discounted rate and the ability to take a class that could be challenging with the full supports available at the high school level that aren’t as readily available at the post-secondary level; such as seeing the teacher every day,” added Muhlenberg High School math dual enrollment instructor Justin Vallone.