Art Club shows support for Ukraine

Quakertown Community School District  |  Posted on

Members of the Quakertown Community High School art club in front of a wall in the high school lobby they designed with sunflowers in support of Ukraine.

Quakertown Community High School’s (QCHS) art club has decorated a wall in the school’s lobby in support of Ukraine.

Students used posterboard, color paper, and oil pastels to create sunflowers, Ukraine’s national flower. The sunflower, or “soniashnyk,” has become a worldwide symbol of solidarity for the country and its people since the Russian invasion began earlier this month.

“We’re hoping that students see the wall, see the flowers and think of Ukraine,” said Mary Barbour, a junior. “There’s something beautiful about it. It may be a small thing in some ways but you never know what may have a positive impact.”

The art club’s advisors, Laurie Christine and Jim Moyer, proposed the idea to Principal Mattias van’t Hoenderdaal, and he supported it. “I think it’s awesome,” he said.

Mrs. Christine said there are 198 petals and 22 centers on the wall. “We’re sending hope and love to the people of Ukraine,” she said. “The kids are really excited about it.”